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February 8, 2006
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KH2 - ++Do you remember?++ by gemiange KH2 - ++Do you remember?++ by gemiange
Sorry, but it does have to be a full-view with this one, mostly because the file is pretty big ^^;

I finally finished KH2 and now I finally finished my first proper fanart and CG in months *yay*....and god am I ever out of practice, it was quite a struggle to get used to drawing again x_X;; I'm sorry that it looks messy and I said I'm very out of practice .__.;;

Sort of a thank you gift for and who looked after us when we visited Singapore all the way back in November *very greatful* >w<;;

Manda requested Axel x Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2....uh....well it is kind of....maybe...... *hides*

Close-up view (for those who want to see how truely messy it actually is) ---> Laziness is bad D=

Lineart: Open Canvas 3.03
Colour: Photoshop CS2

Kingdom Hearts©Square Enix/Disney

P.S. Sorry changed the file from the transparent png to one with a background colour >_<;; Seems like DAv5 doesn't support transparency in the same way anymore >_>;;
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Given 2006-08-07
Beatiful rendition of characters, with great coloring and detail KH2 - ++Do you remember?++ by *gemiange ( Suggested by inkscripter and Featured by pinguino )
ArtsyVana Jul 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Very nice! :)
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navarisun Jul 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
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omg!!! never really read/whatched this but I really like this onE!!! IS IT A YAOI? cuz most of the time I only see the red haired guy and etc... i love it!!
I just can't look away. I LOVE IT!!!! Gosh I just love it.
Dinomight10LM Jul 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
wow!!!!!!!!!! :D
Hey, I found this today [link] and I din't know if you submitted it but I don't think you did. I can't report it since I am not the original artist but they told me to tell the original artist so they (you) could fill the form out .__.
Adolas Oct 8, 2011  Student General Artist
awww i love axel, hate wat hapens to him tho. awsome picture. :D
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